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Joe Kurt

Luxembourg Flag Luxembourg

Paratriathlon: Rank 8
Paralympics: Rank
Federations: FLTri & LPC
Club: Trispeed Mamer
Trainer: Dan Hendriks

New Results

3 2018 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Gold Coast
2018-09-12 - PTS4 Men - 01:05:43
4 2018 Lausanne ITU Paratriathlon World Cup
2018-08-18 - PTS4 Men - 01:13:24
6 2018 Tartu ETU Triathlon European Championships
2018-07-19 - PTS4 Men - 01:05:51
2 2018 Besancon ITU Paratriathlon World Cup
2018-06-16 - PTS4 Men - 01:11:15
2 2018 Eton Dorney ITU Paratriathlon World Cup
2018-05-28 - PTS4 Men - 01:05:08
5 2017 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Rotterdam
2017-09-14 - PTS4 Men - 01:10:10

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Joe Kurt, born in 1989, is a Luxemburgish Triathlete. Since he was a kid, Joe always went mountainbiking with his father. Motivated by the sport, he soon started riding the street bike too. After joining the sportsclub Trispeed, he started with his run and swim training. Physical activities made it possible for him to coop with his disablility. Striving for more was his motivation. Everything started when he got accepted into the national team of Luxembourg. Classified as PT4, Joe was already on his way to the top before it even started. With the 37th position in the ITU Ranking and a really good performance in his first Season 2016, Joe is ready for Season 2017, whatever come. His Goal: Paralympic Games 2020 Tokyo

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